Watch what you want and when you want using Adobe Media Player

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Adobe introduces Adobe Media Player which is the next generation of Internet video delivery. This application has been built using Adobe AIR, which is a desktop application called RIA (Rich Internet Application). This Software provides control and flexibility to watch and enjoy with what you want and when you want. Its really awesome RIA application which Adobe as introduced.

This software provides flexibility to view your favorite episode offline or online. Just you need to queue up your favorite TV content, music track and you can download new and latest episodes automatically.

This Adobe Media Player has got many features like Catalog, Personal Videos, My Favorites, New Episodes... you have endless choices in front of you, Just its your call to choose your favorite Video or Music from the Internet. And this software will track new episodes, so that you can download and watch whenever you want. Now you can Rock with your favorite music and video's.

You can download this Media Player from here

Adobe Media Player

There are so many top participating networks for presenting you with favorite shows to view offline or online. Some of the top participating networks are, CBS, Comedy Central, Epicurious, KQED, MTV etc.,


Webmonkey-in-Ireland said...

This is one of the first Air applications that looks as if it really has some legs. it'll be interesting to keep an eye on this one.

devblog said...

Yeah, yesterday before posting this article to public, I have downloaded the Adobe Media Player and installed! its really awesome, and it has got option to check for updates as well, so we can think that will be updated with some more new features.