Scrapboy desktop application for Facebook, MySpace and orkut users

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scrapboy desktop application tool is for Facebook, MySpace and Orkut Users, and it has been designed to let you easily keep track of your social life via multiple Social Networking communities. Scrapboy is an Instant Messenger which notifies instantly with changes in your or your friend's profiles. It tracks of every one's messages. pictures and passions.

Scrapboy IM Login Scrapboy IM Window

Highlights and Features of Scrapboy:
1. Updates for Facebook friends' tagged photos, Wall posts and more,
2. Updates for MySpace friends' photos, comments and more,
3. Updates for orkut friends' scraps, photos and more,
4. Select the friends you would like to receive updates from,
5. Keep track of your ever-expanding Facebook, MySpace and orkut lives with a single application,
6. Sleek IM friend list.

Download Scrapboy from here -

I would like to recommend this tool for keep tracking of your or yours friend's profiles and you can easily keep track of your Social Networking Communities.


Anonymous said...

Ohh man, I love this tool. Thanks for recommending it. Jeff.