Flickr, Embeddable player, Save as - new features in Photoshop Express

Friday, May 16, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Express has officially announced that they have introduced some new features in Photoshop Express. Flickr has been integrated in Photoshop Express to give more boost to the images which you have in Flickr, just pull photos from your favorite Flickr website into Photoshop Express, amp them with some good designs and upload them back into your Flickr to show them off.

Photoshop Express

Embeddable player:
Want to get popular by your picks, you can now place them in Social Community Websites  like FaceBook, MySpace, and Other Websites. Photoshop Express has introduced a new feature where in which you can take your photo slide shows to the wider webified world with the embeddable player. 

Save as:
With Save as feature, you can keep the original shot of your best friend alongside all the ones where you gave him a tragically oversized head.

Just login to your account in Photoshop Express and enjoy with the new features introduced. If you are not a member then you need to register.

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