Track and Save your Memorable Trip using Buddyway GPS phone tracking system

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now you can track and save your memorable trip using Buddyway a free GPS (Global Positioning System) cell phone tracking system. With this we can track and save your trips, share them with friends, view your trips in 3D in Google Earth, show friends your location.

Want to check out new features in Buddyway, then you need to visit this site, just register and avail the features which Buddyway is providing.

Track and Save

This Buddyway has got many features like:

1. Track & save your trips
2. Add your notes
3. View your trips
4. Set personal notifications
5. Share the trips with your friends
6. Save trips to Google Earth

Add Notes  

Just install Buddyway mobile application on your GPS enabled phone or PDA and take it with you on a trip. Add personal note from a trip with our dedicated mobile Buddyway application on your mobile phones. This Buddyway we automatically detect when you take a break and we mark it on the map. This is all for free :)

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