Post an article for future dates using Live Writer

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just two days back, has officially introduced scheduling posts for future dates feature in web blog. Through Windows Live Writer we can also make use of this feature, but your web blog should support this feature as does.

After installing Windows Live Writer, while adding your web blog account, select the appropriate web blog you are using. Its very simple to schedule the post for future dates, after writing an article just click on the calendar icon which you see at the bottom right of your article post window.  


Select your appropriate date to post the article and publish your post. If you have a doubt that whether this is working, now go and check your Login to your account in and click on Posting tab, in that choose Edit Posts, you can view your article which has been scheduled to your selected date, this means your post has been scheduled to the respective date which you have selected while publishing your article.


If your web blog does not supports scheduling feature, then while publishing the article Live Writer will raise an alert like the screen grab below, depending upon your possibilities choose Yes or No from the alert window: