, learn Flash from Professional

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 is a very professional site, as the web site name depicts this site is very much related to Flash. Those who have knowledge in Flash can approach this site and can learn more from a professional - Lee Brimelow. This site provides a lot of great and free flash resources for designers and developers.


On you can find almost everything you need in a simple way and by browsing site categories, you can reach to resources related to 3D, Actionscript, Actionscript 3, AIR, Apollo, Books, Conferences, Cool Sites, Decompiling, Examples, Extensions, Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4, Flash Forward, Flash Lite, Flash Player, Flash Tools, Flash Video, Flex, General, Interviews, Jobs, OOPs, PHP, Snippets, Sound, Tools, Tutorials, Video, Vista, WPF Crossover, XML.

Lee, is maintaining another site named which has got many free resources related to Flash, Flex, Ajax, XML... and can download the same. Each free resource has got Video Tutorials to learn the things quickly and easily. Just go through the Video Tutorial and start learning Flash and other tools.

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