Work offline with Google Docs

Monday, April 14, 2008

Google Docs now allow users to view and edit documents offline that is without Internet Connection. Google Gears, an open source browser extension that adds offline functionality to the browser. It synchronizes when it Google Docs detects an Internet Connection. 

Google Docs can be accessed offline by typing into your browser or can be accessed by clicking on the desktop shortcut which is downloaded during installation process.

Google Docs Offline 

Google Help Center, will helps you in how to install/uninstall Google Gears and even let you know all the information related to your queries like:


  • What is Google Docs Offline?
  • Why don't I have the Offline link?
  • How does offline work?
  • Enabling Google Docs offline
  • Syncing docs for the first time
  • Working offline
  • How to tell when you're working offline
  • Saving changes while working offline
  • Security precautions while working offline

And much can be find at this URL: