Digg is Out of Service for a while

Monday, April 7, 2008

When I logged into DIGG this evening, it was working fine, after some time when I want to submit one post it is out of service suddenly.

DIGG Team has officially announced that DIGG service will be down for a while. And will be back shortly. Here is the screen shot below. So we have to wait for few mins..... :)

Digg is Out of Service

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OS9USER said...

I've seen this alot lately.

Internet Prime time runs from 8pm until 10 pm (EST) - and sometimes they pull the plug during these hours.

I suspect they are trying to fish out something from their database.

Do not have high hopes with Digg.


Anonymous said...

The server isn't down. It is working. It appears for certain users logged in if they access the site from the main URL then they get that message.