New release from Ext JS - Ext JS 2.1 and Ext GWT 1.0

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ext Js newly released Ext JS 2.1 and Ext GWT 1.0, Ext JS 2.1 is the lastest release of the Ext JS toolkit where in which includes new components, performance improvements, bug fixes and documentation enhancements and introduced a new product called Ext GWT 1.0 (beta 1) is a Java library for building RIA (Rich Internet Applications) with GWT (Google Web Toolkit), with this release now we can built RIA applications using GWT, this GWT features includes:

  • High performance, customizable UI widgets
  • Full theming support with standard CSS
  • Well designed, consistent and fully documented source code
  • Native GWT solution with no external JavaScript or 3rd party libraries
  • Full remote procedure support using GWT RPC, JSON, and XML
  • Support for Java 1.5 features, including generics, enums, and varargs
  • Commercial and Open Source licenses available
Go guys what are you waiting for, go head and built new RIA applications with the new release of Ext GWT 1.0