Make use of Photoshop Express When no Photoshop on your Machine

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today! I was handling my laptop and traveling, suddenly I got a mail from one of my friend that he needs to crop and shape well some of his images (In this Article you can see my snaps) and need to sent him back, but in my laptop I have not installed Photoshop, then I was in a mood to search all the Web Related tools but no so handy and useful. I have chosen Adobe Photoshop Express for this. Wow! its an amazing web tool, it does the work in a min and its very user friendly tool.

Just I browsed all my respective images which belongs to my friend, cropped well, adjusted the saturation and Edited the images accordingly and saved the same to my hard disk and drafted a mail to my friend.

Make use of Photoshop Express for Instance Works, Cropping and Editing the images is very simple.

Steps to Crop, Tuning and add Effects to your image, its simple:

Just Login to Adobe Photoshop Express (, upload your image (will support all formats of images).


Select the uploaded image and click on "Edit Photo" button which is present in the bottom bar.


It will take you to the Tool Bar Section and then select your option to Crop or Tuning the respective photo.


I made changes...


Save the things accordingly, and Want to Save the same to your Desktop (I Mean to your Hard Disk) its simple, after doing all your edits mouse over on the image which you have worked on, it shows up "Options" Click on Options and Select Download, over task is done.




Even! while saving you can decide your photo size....
Now Rock!