Now you can see your trips in real 3D -

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 has announced the release of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry version of Buddyway. Many enhancements has been done to buddyway pages, Layout has been changed a bit and Now this is using the amazing Google Earth Browser Plugin, so as to see your trips online in real 3D view, this feature is awesome enough. If you want to view an example of the same just move on to this page -

Trip in 3D View - Google earth

If your browser supports Google Earth plugin, then you can view the things in real 3D view - if you have not installed Google Earth plugin then just go head and install the same to view in 3D. It takes a min to install the same, as we know Google Earth is awesome enough and has introduced 3D features in it.

And another awesome feature in Buddyway is from now onwards you get comments to your memorable trip, each trip that is made public have it's own page with 'friendly readable address' where users can comment it. And also improved charts, so that you can now has a feature of Zoom them in and out.

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