FileTreePanel for Ext 2.0

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ext Team members are rocking at their end in building tools using Ext Js. Just couple of mins back one of the Team Member named Jozef Sakalos has build an exciting extensions to the Ext Frame Work. The Ext.ux.FileTreePanel allows users to manage files remotely and Ext.ux.FileTreePanel is a widget which can be used with in Ext to provide easy file management of a directory structures stored on a server and this component makes it very easy to find out which files are included within a tree node.



The component has got excellent functionalities allowing:

  • Drag and Drop functionalities (Files to be dragged and dropped to different folders)
  • Renaming
  • Deletion
  • Creation of new folders
  • Uploading of multiple files
  • Opening Files
  • Download of files
do you want to know how it was built then you need to go through this link (Ext Js)

So! Guys! Rock with the new component from Ext Js.