Does tab features in browser helps the developer?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I think most of the developers might have faced this problem, and might thought about the same Does tab features in browsers helps the developer?

As a developer I have faced some problems with the tabbed browsers like, when I am testing my code in tabbed browsers if at all that code has got any errors and or problem might occur during running the code, or if any loop is running continuously (infinite loop) in order to overcome the issue we need to close entire browser window no matter how many tabs you have opened, using Windows Task Manager if developer is using Windows Operating system.

We have no option to close a particular tab where the error has occurred in the tab, I think this might be a drawback for these types of browsers.

Let me explain the things clearly:
Just open some tabs, lets say in the first tab you have opened, in the second tab, in the third tab, and in the fourth tab just open the page which has got a simple JavaScript code:

<script language="javascript">
alert('Does tab features in browser helps the developer?')

Just copy the above code and paste it in your html page between <body> </body>. And just open that html page in your fourth browser (as stated above). When we open that page in a tab, it open up an alert and that alert will popping up until that while loop becomes false (infinite loop), here the question arises how we will be going to close that particular tab where error has occurred. Does the problem will solve using the Windows Task Manager (Windows Users) by clicking on the End Task button, if we click on the End Task button by choosing the particular browser it will close all the tabs, in our case all the four tabs.

Mozilla Firefox Tabs Feature 

Mozilla Firefox Tabs Feature