everybody does some mistakes while posting an article even Google also

Sunday, March 30, 2008

As we are all human beings we do mistakes a lot in life and even those mistakes only will help us in developing the things better right?... yeah, When I am just going through some of the websites of Google, I just found one interesting article posted in Google Docs. The post has got one mistake like, instead of "Folder" it shows "nolder". Please view the screen shot below, which I have attached with this post:


Google Docs Help Center


Loup Dargent said...

Sometimes my post go out with mistakes that I only see once my blog is published...
I usually correct them straight away, but sometimes my wireless connection decides to go AWOL for hours before I had a chance to edit the post...Yikes!

What have I learned from that?
Always check the connection's signal strength before sending anything online...