Adding your favorite Color to folder names in Google Docs

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Google docs is improving in its own aspects, Latest updates from Google Docs is we can add our favorite color to the folder names. By adding colors we can differentiate one folder with the other as well we can identify the folder for our daily use.

Below are the steps to add colors to your folder in Google Docs (

  1. Creating a Folder:
    Right click on the left pane, and choose new from the menu, in that choose folder... This will create a folder for you in the left pane.

    Creating a Folder
  2. Renaming a Folder:
    Rename the folder if possible either by choosing in the blue bar or by choosing the option in the right click context menu.

    Renaming a Folder
  3. Choosing a color:
    Then click on the "Choose color" option in the blue bar and accordingly choose your favorite color, as my favorite color is blue I have choosen blue.

    Choosing a Color
  4. Its done

    Google Docs